Individual Taxes

Due Dates & Extensions

Individual tax returns are due on April 15th, but they can be extended until October 15th.

Taxes must be paid in full by April 15th. Any balance due as of April 15th is subject to penalties and interest, even if the return has been extended.

Payment Coupons

If you would like to print a coupon to mail in with your check. We recommend you mail in by a certified requested receipt.

Penalties & Interest

FILING LATE:The penalty for filing after April 15th (or after October 15th if the return was extended). It is 5% of the balance due per month, not to exceed 25%.

PAYING LATE:The penalty for paying after April 15th is .5% (one half percent) of the balance due per month. This penalty doubles to 1% if you don’t pay in full within 10 days of receiving an IRS notice.

INTEREST:Interest rates vary with the economy. The current rate for 2024 is roughly 8%.

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

How Much to Pay?

To avoid penalty, you need to pay in the lesser of: 90% of the current year’s total tax, OR 100% of the prior year’s total tax (It’s 110% if your prior year adjusted gross income was over $150,000 for married filing jointly ($75,000 for married filing separately).

When to Pay?

1st quarter:  April 15th
2nd quarter:  June 15th
3rd quarter:  September 15th
4th quarter:  January 15th

Ways to Pay

Where is My Return?